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Artist: Deep Purple

Title: =1

Release date: July 19th, 2024

Label: earMUSIC

Playing time: 52 minutes

Tracks: 13

Genre: Hard Rock


Show Me

A Bit On The Side

Sharp Shooter

Portable Door

Old-Fangled Thing

If I Were You

Pictures Of You *

I’m Saying Nothin’

Lazy Sod

Now You’re Talkin’

No Money To Burn

I’ll Catch You *

Bleeding Obvious

* = Reviewer’s pick.


Ian Gillan (Vocals)

Simon McBride (Guitars)

Roger Glover (Bass)

Ian Paice (Drums)

Don Airey (Keyboards)

Left to right: Roger Glover, Don Airey, Ian Paice, Ian Gillan, Simon McBride.

The most impressive thing with this record is that these guys are putting out music still to this very day. It’s just insane when you realize that two of these great players are turning 80 next year. I mean, guys half their age are struggling to get something out on a regular basis, and here these veterans just show the music world that it’s possible to continue on and on like a locomotive way past the age where regular citizens choose to retire.

It’s really first-school oriented hard rock music that we’re getting, even though not especially driven by just one instrument in particular, but it’s more like a collective effort, where also keyboards, drums and bass get plenty of room throughout the songs. The record has a relaxing feel, and it might give fans a little comfort and some time to kick back after a hard day’s work. So, if you’re looking for music that will make your blood run faster through your body and get you going, then maybe Deep Purple in 2024 isn’t supposed to be your primary choice.

Is this record good enough to give you chills then? I’m not really sure about what someone could have the right to expect from a band that includes three musicians who have been together for about 55 years on and off. Time eventually takes a toll on all of us, but I think they’re doing quite a respectable job under those circumstances, so let me just go easy here and say that =1 is pretty okay with a few better than average songs.

Rating: 3/6

By Tobbe – Published July 16th, 2024





Artist: Dream Evil

Title: Metal Gods

Release date: July 26th, 2024

Label: Century Media Records

Playing time: 41 minutes

Tracks: 10

Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal


Metal Gods *

Chosen Force *

The Tyrant Dies At Dawn

Lightning Strikes

Fight In The Night

Masters Of Arms

Born In Hell

Insane *

Night Stalker


* = Reviewer’s pick.


Niklas Isfeldt (Vocals)

Fredrik Nordström (Rhythm guitars)

Markus Fristedt (Lead guitars)

Peter Stålfors (Bass)

Sören Fardvik (Drums)

Left to right: Sören Fardvik, Fredrik Nordström, Niklas Isfeldt, Peter Stålfors, Markus Fristedt.

It’s been a bit over seven years for the second time in a row since a Dream Evil record was out. The band’s last effort Six was something that didn’t stick around in the sphere of my interest for a longer period of time, as I in fact was a little disappointed that such a long hiatus couldn’t bring forward greater song material. Going in now to the band’s seventh full-length making is consequently a cautious task, as it would be just too easy to simply dismiss the album based on some sort of biased opinion.

With that being said, I definitely gave this one a fair shot, so a couple of weeks later, and after listening to Metal Gods about ten times, I would say that it is at least somewhat better than its predecessor, although not by very far, because the music over this record is also unable to catch my full attention. Surely there are some fine heavy metal riffs, a catchy vocal line every now and then, and a few pretty cool songs. However, none of those three aspects are strong enough in the long run to last over the entire album.

Let’s be clear. The initial two songs and perchance one or two more are pretty good, another three or maybe four songs here and there are okay, but then the last few songs in this quick calculation of mine, also spread out over the album, are just fillers. It’s not a bad record, but just so average to me, because I can’t find those things needed to spice it up to greater heights. Something is just missing in the actual music to get me into that real feeling-good mood, and the vocal melodies are only occasionally memorable and mostly nothing that I feel like shouting the words along to.

Rating: 3/6

By Tobbe – Published July 12th, 2024




Artist: Orden Ogan

Title: The Order Of Fear

Release date: July 5th, 2024

Label: Reigning Phoenix Music

Playing time: 48 minutes

Tracks: 11

Genre: Power Metal


Kings Of The Underworld

The Order Of Fear

Moon Fire *

Conquest *

Blind Man

Prince Of Sorrow *

Dread Lord

My Worst Enemy

Anthem To The Darkside

The Journey Thus Far

The Long Darkness

* = Reviewer’s pick.


Seeb Levermann (Vocals)

Niels Löffler (Guitars)

Patrick Sperling (Guitars)

Steven Wussow (Bass)

Dirk Meyer-Berhorn (Drums)

Left to right: Steven Wussow (Bass), Seeb Levermann (Vocals), Patrick Sperling (Guitars), Dirk Meyer-Berhorn (Drums), Niels Löffler (Guitars).

Without hesitation, vocalist Seeb Levermann claims that the band has downscaled various stuff on this, kind of, self-titled album. Sure, I might agree to that assertion, if I would choose to listen closely to how the songs are arranged, but if taking a look at the whole record from a different angle than from a songwriter’s and an experienced studio worker’s viewpoint, it’s just very much still dwelling in the same type of department that the listeners are used to when it comes to this band’s music.

So, we are for the most part given bombastic and epic power metal, yet pretty often with speedier and heavier elements put in the kettle too, as with the first track, Kings Of The Underworld, which is a real banger that cracks open the album in a split second. More commonly though, those faster parts are usually present in sections here and there in the songs; sometimes throughout a chorus or a verse, occasionally in a bridge, and also at times when they go from one type of verse into another. To generalize a little bit, this criterion is followed in pretty much all of the remaining songs, except for the ballad My Worst Enemy and the interlude The Journey Thus Far.

Mr. Levermann’s voice is maybe not the strongest, brightest shining and most fit there is on the market, but it’s absolutely nothing that I’m bothered by, and once in a while I guess it’s nice to listen to the words sung by other types of singers than by those guys who master the high-pitched vocal style, which is so frequently used within power metal and music in its close vicinity.

The Order Of Fear is an album that contains captivating parts, with good sounding musical melodies, both on the heavy and the melodic side of things. It’s got a production that overall suits the music style really well, and I hear quite a few moments that will be open for singalongs as the band performs on stage. Yes, I would say that everything is in order. Orden Ogan fans won’t be disappointed with this album.

Rating: 4/6

By Tobbe – Published July 2nd, 2024




Artist: Kryptos

Title: Decimator

Release date: July 5th, 2024

Label: AFM Records

Playing time: 31 minutes

Tracks: 9

Genre: Heavy Metal


Sirens Of Steel

Fall To The Spectre’s Gaze *

Turn Up The Heat

Electrify *



In The Shadow Of The Blade *


We Are The Night *

* = Reviewer’s pick.


Nolan Lewis (Vocals + Guitars)

Rohit Chaturvedi (Guitars)

Ganesh K. (Bass)

Vijit Singh (Drums)

Left to right: Vijit Singh, Nolan Lewis, Rohit Chaturvedi.

Old-school Bangalore heavy metallers Kryptos bounce back. When putting out Afterburner in 2019, the band took a huge leap forward and started ascending from the underground up to the masses. Quickly to 2021, and the arrival of Force Of Danger, where we see the band come to a little bit of a halt, perhaps caused by being stressed to top its predecessor’s successful outcome and all the positive feedback and reviews it received from fans and media.

The music on Decimator is pretty much in the same vein as we usually get from these guys, meaning slightly retro sounding heavy metal with occasional elements of thrash metal and speed metal, and kind of the only surprise on the album is basically the guitar leads in the closing song, which I believe is just super influenced by the legendary Scorpions.

Kryptos today feels just like a dear old friend returning. The band has found the right track musically again, because the album shows that newborn spirit and eagerness to just deliver the goods, which also was so significant on Afterburner. Some bands tend to massively overwork their music although heavy metal often doesn’t need to be so intricate to get the job done. A regular straightforward approach with melodic parts woven in is plenty enough to feed my hunger as I’m looking for good music.

Rating: 5/6

By Tobbe – Published June 30th, 2024