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Michael Kiske - Past In Different Ways

Published May 01 2008

=Staff's pick

You Always Walk Alone*
We Got The Right*
I Believe*
Your Turn
Kids Of The Century*
In The Night
Going Home
A Little Time
When The Sinner
Different Ways

Genre Acoustic Power Metal
Michael Kiske
Tracks 11
Michael Kiske
Runningtime 53 Min.
Sandro Giampetro
Label Frontiers Records
Fontaine Burnett
Release 09 May 2008
Karsten Nagel
Country Germany
Similar artists Helloween

Helloween, a name that gathers respect among many. Also, Michael Kiske is of course the former voice of that very same classic band - Keeper Of The Seven Keys anyone? Since Kiske left Helloween his musical career has been crooked to say the least, but one thing it has not been is metal. Some solo albums, Place Vendome, Supared and some guest appearances and writing a book is what he has occupied himself with since he left his inaugural band after the highly doubtful Chameleon album. Past In Different Ways is, if anyone hasn't already figured that out yet by looking at the song titles, Helloween songs, yet re-arranged to fit his nowadays non-metal profile.

The songs are more or less acoustic versions, and some are slightly rearranged but in any case you instantly hear what song it is, so they have not been changed that much. I am no big fan of covers, the original always tends to be the best anyway, but when it is the original artist (well, kind of) I guess you will have to say it is legitimate. I didn't knew what to make out of this album at first, but when all initial feelings subsided it turned out to be a rather interesting album, and how can it fail when Kiske sings Helloween songs? In my opinion he has one of the absolute best voices whatsoever in the music business.

The speed you are used to hear in the songs are of course gone, but the power that the songs hold are intact, and in some cases even made stronger. Even if it is slower and softer versions compared to what you are used to, you can't overlook that they are still quite mighty. I Believe, which was one of few good songs on Chameleon, fits perfectly in this environment and Longing that originally is from the same album was back then terrible, but transformed into this new mould it is made into a wonderful ballad. The crème de la crème for me on this album is We Got The Right. Such power, such might and such convincing singing makes it simply fantastic, and I love the backing trumpets on this one. Apart from the Helloween remakes, there is one new song on the album, the closing track Different Ways. A ballad with a sense of a country feeling, and I wouldn't say that he has lost his ability to write songs, but compared to the others it is easy to think that way.

In the end this is an album that serves well for those like me that are suckers for the voice of Michael Kiske and that are nostalgic about the "old" Helloween. Past In Different Ways is a pretty good retrospective to Kiske's contribution to the band as it features all songs he wrote on himself apart from Don't Run For Cover and Savage. Finally, I have all the respect for Michael Kiske and it is his decision, and only his, what kind of music he decides to do. I have to respect that, but can't someone please get him to sing metal again?

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7,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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