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Michael Kiske - Kiske

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Fed By Stones
Knew I Would
Kings Fall
Hearts Are Free
The King Of It All*
Sing My Song
Silently Craving
Sad As The World

Genre Pop/Rock
Michael Kiske
Tracks 11
Sandro Giampietro
Runningtime 51 Min.
Label Frontiers Records
Fontaine Burnett
Release 19 May 2006
Karsten Nagel
Country Germany
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Such a waste of talent! The infamous Michael Kiske is back with his third solo album and even if it was a long time since he stated that he was through with heavy metal this release proves it more than ever. This isn't however a reason for me as a reviewer to criticize an album, I live by the rule that a good record is a good record whatever genre it may fall under. Apart from his glory days in Helloween and his extraordinary achievement in Tobias Sammet's project Avantasia he has shown that he actually can be quite interesting when doing melodic rock also. The band Supared was nothing to write home about maybe but a couple of tracks from his previous solo albums and last year's great record with Place Vendome really showed that.

I'm sad to say that this is the least interesting record I've heard with Michael. The mellow pop/rock we are served here is extremely laid back and even if I try my very hardest I'm having big difficulties to fully focus during the whole playing time. The songs are so slow and sweet that it almost feels like it's a record full of lullabies. The King Of It All is the only track that has caught my interest with its quite enjoyable chorus but apart from that the song writing is way below average. Michael's performance is on top of that without heart and soul and actually quite uninspired. I really hope that he can do better than this in the future because this shouldn't have left the recording studio. Such a waste…

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