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Reviewed by Michael
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Arenan
Date: 30 nov 2005
Primal Fear set length: 70 minutes
Helloween set length: 110 minutes

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Primal Fear

I had never seen or heard any thing from Primal Fear so they came as a very nice surprise. I really liked the music and the songs were very nicely performed. As everybody would notice, I also heard the resemblence between Primal Fear vocalist and Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford. Fortunatly I think he didn't sound as somebody who wants to copy, he can just come up in those high pitch regions, lucky guy. During the last song (Metal Is Forever) the power went off! Both audience and bandmembers were surprised. But a minute later the power was back on and they could finish by playing the last song again from the beginning. Good trick to make the audience remember a song.

(sorry, no setlist)

6 chalices of 10


Opening with the ~14 min track The King For 1000 Years, the band comes out hard and totally kicking ass. The joy in Andis and Markus faces are the most memorable thing for me, I love it when the band love to be on stage and really give it all for the audience! In the beginning Sasha and Michael were very still and concentrated on their guitarplaying, but as the concert went on, they seemed to losen up. Dani on drums are a really talented drummer, and a pretty funny guy. I love it when they do funny stuff on stage, like when Markus had a drumming competition with Dani on a small children-sized drumkit, and when Dani challenge Sascha during his guitar-showoff-solo with a small preprogrammed toyguitar only to loose bigtime by the audience cheers for Saschas' solo.

The guys are really talented and experienced entertainers and they performed very good. A good variation of old and new songs, Occasion Avenue and Invisable Man from the new album were also played among classics such as Power. For the encore they choose to play their latest single Mrs. God, which was received by the audience with great entusiasm. All in all this was a long and very good concert, the guys were pioneers in their genre and they still show that they are at the top of their career.

8 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

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