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On this page we will try to collect humorous items connected to the world of metal. Enjoy!

Bert and Ernie go brutal
Fastest guitarist in the world?
Heavy Metal?
How do you spell AC/DC?
Moshpit of the century? #1
Moshpit of the century? #2
Amon Amarth - Pursuit Of Vikings
Europe - The Final Countdown
Top 10 most ridiculous black metal pics of all time
Growl karaoke
The 101 Rules of Nu-Metal
Norwegian commercial (for a supermarket with fast service)

Metal classics done a capella by a Japanese guy.
All vocals and music done entirely by voice...

Creeping Death - (Metallica cover) - .mp3
The Trooper - (Iron Maiden cover) - .mp3
Eagle Fly Free - (Helloween cover) - .mp3
Electric Funeral - (Black Sabbath cover) - .mp3
Angel of Death - (Slayer cover) - .mp3
2 Minutes to Midnight - (Iron Maiden cover) - .mp3

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