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Novembers Doom - The Novella Reservoir

Published Jan. 27 2007

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The Novella Reservoir
Drown The Inland Mere*
Twilight Innocence*
The Voice Of Failure*
They Were Left To Die
Dominate The Human Strain*
Leaving This

Genre Dark Metal
Paul Kuhr
Tracks 8
Vito Marchese
Runningtime 46 Min.
Larry Roberts
Label The End Records
Chris Djuricic
Release 20 Feb. 2007
Joe Nunez
Country USA
Similar artists Swallow The Sun, Daylight Dies

The pallid haunting architecture of The Novella Resevoir from Chicago's crestfallen, sculptured icons - Novembers Doom - is a sanguine escapade into the dudgeon of darkest delights. The precipitation of languid tears and lacrimose melodies will dominate the human's train of thought with it's desolate voice of failure. This tempest of prosaic passion echoes in the dark heart, while the gale force of emptiness engulfs souls in the absence of grace. Teetering on the edge of sanity forlorn, this dirge of sorrow's soliloquoy will welcome the fade to black bliss, and saturate you in sorrow with its sullen hue. Come hither lugubrious spirit and drown in the mere solitude.

Novembers Doom have been suffering their dark art over several decayed tenures of almost 20 years. I have always longed to enjoy their brooding silence, but somehow, I was always a day late, and dolour short. I have been in the knowing of their presence for quite sometime, being good friends with Matt Chapman and Alan Scott from Covington, Kentucky's other doom lords Thorns Of The Carrion.

The Novella Reservoir is the epic follow up to the acclaimed - The Pale Haunt Departure from 2005. Novembers Doom play slow and heavy, with a sound which actually encouraged such acts as Opeth and Katatonia to blossom. Their trademark white squalor has also inspired newcomers Swallow The Sun and Daylight Dies. Main wordsmith Paul Kuhr, who has also laboured with Em Simfonia, sings with that deep baritone bated breath like Ola Lindgren from Grave. He also personifies that Dan Swano/Michael Akerfeldt vigour. Even without a lyric sheet before me, I can easily discern his somber leaden tone. At times he even shares the metal apocalyptic utterance of Nathan Explosion - singer of animated idols - Dethklok. Paul also registers with a range similar to Felix Stass of Crematory; but the music of Novembers Doom resembles only the earliest work of Crematory's sojourn. Guitarists Vito Marchese and Larry Roberts indulge in aggressive riffs which pound and reverberate with a pellucid quietus; leaving this listener more melancholy. Drummer Joe Nunez zones in with the double bass sadistic to increase the chiming syndrome.

Novembers Doom dwell in darkness with unopened eyes. There is nothing earthly about their dismal euphony and forgotten serenity. Bands like Opeth and Katatonia may generate a tremenduous cult following, but it is artists like Novembers Doom who establish the precedent. I have seen Opeth and Katatonia live, on stage they linger through a staid performance of prolonged ineptitude. Novembers Doom have a style much more appealing and consistent; I have heard that their live shows are quite inviting. Their music sets its own archaic course.

Novembers Doom have added to their ranks full time bass player Chris Djuricic, a considerable figure among the Chicago metal milieu. He also recorded The Novella Resevoir, which was then mixed by Dan Swano, and mastered by James Murphy. Musically these opaque landscapes of dread are steeped in a death like silt enticing and luring the listener into the mire, 'neath the canopy of pique puissance.
Songs like Drown The Inland Mere or The Voice Of Failure, and the preening Dominate The Human Strain should satiate any hunger for human tepidity. The title track begins with an acoustic interlude, while maintaining its dejected, sluggsh pace. This CD is mostly an array of dilatory diatribes of dissonance and disconsolation with gradual chorus interludes. The cover artwork and booklet is the undertaking of Travis Smith who laboured longingly to bring Paul's theme of water to life in contrast and flow.

Twilight Innocence detracts from the languor and woeful pine to address a more serious and personal concern: a fathers love for his child. Here the portrait of the concerned parent Paul is faithfully portrayed. I envision a vigilant father watching over his sleeping beautiful daughter Rhiannon, as he reflects on her life while she dreams. I participate in his reflection over his mission and duty to her, motivated by unconditional service . It is this dialogue with the stark priviledge of parenthood which moves me to tears of joy as the purity of innocence pervades.

The End Records is offering a very special edition pre-order for The Novella Reservior which will include a full colour book - The Wayfaring Chronicles (limited to 1000), signed by Paul himself, with a poster. The first 300 include the 6"x9" book and CD enclosed in a vevet pouch. The Wayfaring Chronicles is 84 pages replete with lyrics and their detailed explanantions; as well as photos from every era of the band's incarnation, including live and promo shots, with some never before seen depictions. The book with CD is only $39.99 USD; but mega demand may bring the price down even lower. So, if you relish epic death tones, and impelling doom, come submerge your self in the novel elegance of reserved noir - the cistern of adumbrate rectitude.

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