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Danzig - Skeletons

Published November 23 2015

=Staff's pick

Devil's Angels - (Davie Allen & The Arrows)
Satan (From Satan's Sadist soundtrack) - (Paul Wibier)
Let Yourself Go - (Elvis Presley)
N.I.B. - (Black Sabbath)
Lord Of The Thighs - (Aerosmith)
Action Woman - (The Litter)
Rough Boy - (ZZ Top)
With A Girl Like You - (The Troggs)
Find Somebody - (The Young Rascals)
Crying In The Rain - (The Everly Brothers)*

Genre Hard Rock
Glenn Danzig
Tracks 10
Tommy Victor
Running time 36 Min.
Label AFM Records
Release November 27, 2015
Country USA
Producer Glenn Danzig
Similar artists ---

Similar to a lot of veterans on the scene, it's now Glenn Danzig's turn to jump on the trend and release a CD containing only cover songs. It's indeed a motley crew of artists that's being interpreted and this album is definitely something made for his own passion, nostalgia and self-indulgence. I believe that this stuff is really a big thing for him and I reckon that he's eager to show his personal influences to his fans and this is of course what he listened to himself during his youth.

Danzig has chosen to make the total production and the individual songs come out in a very old-fashioned manner which shows that he is a man of integrity and I feel that I must give him some credit and compliment him on his choice. However, by putting this fully conscious deterioration to the quality of the sound, he makes the record kind of hard to digest by today's standards. The absolute biggest problems with this whole disc are nevertheless that Glenn Danzig's own versions melody-wise and his tone of voice definitely are unfitting to what the songs had originally. More than occasionally, it comes out really miserable and poor in my opinion.

Thankfully, this record contains only 36 minutes of music, which makes it much easier to get through this misery a repeated number of times, in search for some attractive or satisfactory contents. Truth be told, I can't find anything that I enjoy the least and I think that this record is the worst I've heard in a long time from a well established metal musician. This is absolutely a product that only die-hard fans should check out as I believe that pretty much everyone else will dismiss it big-time at a really early stage.

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