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Mark Slaughter - Reflections In A Rear View Mirror

Published May 14 2015

=Staff's pick

Away I Go
Never Givin Up*
Miss Elainious
Carry Me Back Home
The Real Thing
Baby Wants
Don't Turn Away
Somewhere Isn't Here*
In Circle Flight
Velcro Jesus
Deep In Her Heart

Genre Hard Rock
Mark Slaughter
Tracks 11
Mark Slaughter
Running time 48 Min.
Label Escape Music
Mark Slaughter
Release May 22, 2015
Mark Goodin
Country USA
Mark Slaughter
Producer Mark Slaughter
Similar artists ---

Released in a number of territories on CD and digital download on January 22nd 2015.

Mark Slaughter's first solo achievement, and he's arguably doing most stuff by himself too, besides having 2 guests for a duet on Don't Turn Away and having Mark Goodin playing the drums as well as letting Michael Wagener take control of the final mixing and mastering.

The song material is pretty good all throughout this effort and it contains a sound picture that is a little scruffy, which maybe is a conscious choice to make it kind of sonically authentic to his past. His voice is indeed recognizable and it hasn't deteriorated significantly in terms of studio work. It mainly comes out with quite a similar tone and with close to the same effect as it did back in the days. Perhaps because it as a matter of fact never was one of rock music's greatest and on the stage performances it's another issue, but let's ignore that in this context.

Personally I question a little why he doesn't release an album with his main band Slaughter instead, because this one is the man's first real release in 16 years, and although the record is a diverse creation, a few things unsurprisingly come out similar to parts that his band created on the 5 efforts that they released back in the 90's.

In advance I must admit that I had my doubts to what Mark could achieve at this point and that this record might turn out tedious or that it would maybe be a lame self-assertion with threadbare songwriting, but after listening to it well over 20 times, I think that he has managed to put together a rather solid piece of hard rock music with a few really good songs and therefore I believe that 6 chalices is a correct rating to Reflections In A Rear View Mirror.








6 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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