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Pro-Pain - Prophets Of Doom

=Staff's pick

Hate Marches On*
One World Ain't Enough*
Getting Over
Operation Blood For Oil*
Death Toll Rises
The Prisoner
Days Of Shame*

Genre Thrash Metal/Hardcore
Gary Meskil
Tracks 10
Tom Klimchuck
Runningtime 43 Min.
Eric Klinger
Label Candlelight Records
Gary Meskil
Release 25 April 2005
JC Dwyer
Country USA
Similar artists Biohazard, Agnostic Front

Pro-Pain is now to be considered a long time running act, and since their excellent debut Foul Taste Of Freedom (1992) they have been around and stuck true to their cause. They now return with their tenth studio album Prophets of Doom and they have sold hundreds of thousands of albums and have done some intense touring completing over 2000 shows during the years. Pro-Pain emerged at the same time as bands like Bio-Hazard for example and created what felt like a whole new kind of metal, mixing heavy thrash riffing with hardcore vibes in a time when the grunge wave flushed over us. Although Pro-Pain's masterpiece of a debut album made a huge impact on me, they never managed to convince me with the album that followed and over the years I completely lost track of the band, and when I hear their new album I must say it is with great delight I have rediscovered Pro-Pain.

Intense, determined, brutal and well, simply kick-ass thrash based metal is what Pro-Pain delivers with Prophets Of Doom. It starts with a track that provides you with a slap in the face and these songs keep on hitting you all the way through. Compared with the debut you might complain about the fact that Prophets Of Doom isn't as innovative but on the other hand this album is more balanced and hold a better quality seen overall. Tom Klimchuck and Eric Klinger provide Pro-Pain with some serious thrash guitars and hand out leads and solos of really good quality, like in Hate Marches On which has an Exodus style marching riff or the great swirling riff that supports One World while Gary Meskil is focusing his anger with the vocals.

The riff supporting the verse in the track Operation Blood For Oil might have been used first by the all-girl band L7 in 1991 in their song Fast And Frightening and later used by Ministry in 1995 with N.W.O. but it holds for another round and despite the borrowing of the riff, Operation Blood For Oil comes out as one of the strongest tracks on this album. The production has made the album sound thick and heavy and the bass sound from Meskil comes out with a heavy pounding sound as well as the guitars that meet you with a massive wall of heavy riffs.

There aren't any dull moments with Pro-Pain on Prophets Of Doom, if the tempo is about to go down they keep you awake with some fast and aggressive thrash parts every now and then. Although the ten songs are all done with the same formula and the variation isn't the biggest, this somehow manages to get a good hold on you and doesn't let you out of its grip until the album is done spinning.






8 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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