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Unisonic - Ignition

Published February 22 2012

=Staff's pick

My Sanctuary
Souls Alive (Demo Version)
I Want Out (Live)

Genre Power Metal
Michael Kiske
Tracks 4
Kai Hansen
Running time 18 Min.
Mandy Meyer
Label earMusic
Dennis Ward
Release 27 January 2012
Kosta Zafiriou
Country Germany
Producer Dennis Ward/Kai Hansen
Similar artists Gamma Ray, Helloween

A new supergroup? I hate that word, because usually it means that their music will suck big time, so the answer to that question must be no. Instead we have five renowned musicians with similar interest in musical direction. Initially Michael Kiske's solo band one can say, but in fact all songs are written by Hansen, Meyer and Ward, so this is in fact a band and not a solo project.

I never was too fond of Kiske's songwriting efforts anyway, but I always liked his voice, which still today is impressive and one of metal's finest. It's just hard to not think of Helloween when I hear him. How long this lineup will exist no one knows, but a couple of these guys have started other projects and constellations before that haven't lasted for too long, so time will tell. This mini album is just a teaser of whats to come, their self titled debut album who will hit the stores and the download sites in late March.

The opening track, Unisonic, is a pretty fast power metal track with a Pink Bubbles Go Ape vibed verse and with an old school late eighties guitar solo. The best song on this mini album. Up next is My Sanctuary, which has more of a Kiske sounding melody. If you don't know what I mean by that, check out the Helloween songs written by him and you will figure it out, even if this song is written twenty or twenty-five years later.

The last studio recorded song is Souls Alive. A more catchy track than the two first mentioned, but good as well. As a bonus and as a flirt to old fans, a live version of I Want Out is included in this package. I have nothing to say about that song that haven't been said before, so just listen to it if you're eager for more.

If this project lasts, I guess we can look forward to some good music from them in the future. This mini album is a good start and now we just have to wait and see what their first full length recording may offer.

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