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Antropomorfia - Engendro

=Staff's pick

Hedor Pestilente*
Asi Te Pudras
Corruptus Interrium
Holocousto Canibal
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Mortal Curacion
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En Avanzado Estadio De Descomposion*
After World Obliteration*

Genre Death Metal
Fernando Payer
Tracks 14
Fernando Payer
Runningtime 36 Min.
Label Necromance Records
Fernando Payer
Release 21 May 2003
Fernando Payer
Country Spain
Similar artists Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, Terrorizer

Antropomorfia has been around since the front man Fernando Payer established the band back in 1989. Due to lack of information I don't have the full line-up information but the press statement says that Fernando Payer are responsible for all songs, arrangements and recordings on this album. Engendro is the first full length from these Spaniards, and patience must be the key word here. I must say that this one is going to be really tricky for me to judge and analyse. Antropomorfia performs old school death metal in the vein of older Cannibal Corpse.

The fact that this is a killer production strikes me at once. An incredible fat sound that you seldom hear nowadays. But the music doesn't make sense to me, sometimes I get great retro vibes and sometimes I'm overwhelmed by boring sections without any meaning or purpose. I guess you could ask of more from a band that's been around for so long. Well, that's the worst about this album together with the vocals that are quite bad, but I wouldn't sink it totally because there are some nice intentions and songs, even though they are few and easy to count and the fact that the album includes an instrumental song and a Terrorizer cover.

I could best describe it as that this album could have worked with proper vocals and if the band had been more careful in their choices of material. It feels like ten or twenty percent of every song holds good material and the rest are only there for the running time of the album. Antropomorfia have potential to play good metal but much of it feels like it have been wasted with the low standard that it keeps during the whole album. Proof for their intentions is the title track. A good production but too much of ups and downs considering the material.






4 chalices of 10 - Tim

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