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Domine - Ancient Spirit Rising

Published March 24 2007

=Staff's pick

The Messenger
Tempest Calling
The Lady Of Shalott*
I Stand Alone (After The Fall)
Ancient Spirit Rising*
On The Wings Of The Firebird*
Another Time, Another Place, Another Space
Sky Rider*
How The Mighty Have Fallen
Too Scared To Run (bonus track)

Genre Epic Power/Speed Metal
Adolfo Morbiducci
Tracks 11
Enrico Paoli
Runningtime 62 Min.
Label Dragonheart Records
Riccardo Paoli
Release 12 Feb. 2007
Stefano Bonini
Country Italy
Riccardo Iacono
Similar artists Wotan, Elwing, Manilla Road

Domine - those champions eternal - those incessant Italians - ardurously impress; ascending like an ancient spirit rising from the flames. The dark emperors of the blazon, ruminate as the true believers, holding high the horn of fates, warning the weak-willed with their proclamation of domination. This is the dawn of a new dallliance of daring pulchritude.

The messenger of mettle, Moby, inspires with his soaring range and glaring pitch. Blood brothers fight for dominance on guitars when Enrico and Riccardo Paoli clash axes and stridently echo the song of the swords. Accompanied by Stefano Bonini, whose blast drum bashings bear the attack sworn , Domine deliver the goods as true leaders of metal. Ancient Spirit Rising is another timeless, another well-played, another spaciously raging lure of love.

In the past, Domine earned their reputation for the legend of power supreme while descanting the Moorcock Elric saga. Now in 2007, Domine defy, stand alone, to present a burning frame of audacity with their compass of chaos, guiding us into the portal of infinity. This freedom flight of fancy has become the skyride of the Valkyries, on the wings of fire, burgeoning with beatific vision, and a menagerie of stained class.

This, their fifth dimensional emanation, verifies that Domine are the true defenders of the noble steel, rocking like a hurricane with the lord of the tempest; culmintating in pure creativity. Finally after over twenty years, Domine diligently garner the accolades, so well deserved. I have always favoured and appreciated their metal anthems and allure of literature. I so celebrated the moribund dance with the Emperor Of The Black Runes release. I joyfully awaited the arrival of their Ancient Spirit Rising. I'm honoured to announce that Domine return to fulfill and transcend all vigorously explored expectations.

The Domine formula of classical instrumentation attentuated by speed and melody is still in tact; but a new elemental presence has sprung forth. There is a personified awareness and reverence for the 70's rock influences of artists like Jethro Tull, Blue Oyster Cult, Styx, Kansas, Rush, Yes, etc. The balance of Baroque efficacy with majestic interludes of Moog moods works quite well, throughout. Keyboardist Riccardo Iacono operates under his own persona of affectation. Unlike Rhapsody's Alex Starpoli, and other Italian players who emphasize with their bombastic arrangements; Domine elucidate a more psychedelic influx of perpendicular retractions, common to Deep Purple's and Uriah Heep's style. This dynamic level of performance was most recently evidenced on the latest Therion.

The title track is ever so magniloquent and sequential, elevating the listener with its heroic retinue and renaissance. The first blast of the messenger sounding his clarion call initiates the advocate into pure metal bliss. Then Tempest Calling swarms with the visceral vortex of the hurricane master. I stand alone, and Sky Rider rip the seamingly endess time crusade, with torrents of sonic ballast. All songs on this CD resonate with positive vibrational harmony. Several slices of neat and resourceful speed, deliver during the rotations of rapid idyllic movements. The longevity of the folk inspired and elegant tresses of the lady of Shalott challenge attention and intuition with excellent evocations of awe. The wayward sonnet - Another Time, Another Place, Another Space metaphysically and metaphorically move my aging spirit bridled with abundance.

Lately several artists have lost their shimmer, struggling to survive. Their mettle has been besmirched by stagnation. When I hear new Manowar or W.A.S.P., I think to myself, "Oh how the mighty have fallen!". I'm grateful that this is never the case when Domine dominate.

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